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We believe that a team building experience is driven by the desire to connect and bond with colleagues as well as getting to know each other better and eventually, team players.

What better way to motivate your team than treating them to a fun, action packed, team building session, an adventure?

Our unique options offer a fantastic way to unwind, get outdoors and have a great time bonding with colleagues. We have a variety of team activities and experiences available on, giving you something for everyone to enjoy! From obstacle courses to Screeching tires on the race tracks, from archery lessons to water rafting in crashing streams, from shooting each other in a paintball fight to a weekend get away by the lake... we have curated the perfect package for your group, and we can assist with coordinating your booking too.


team building activities


Corporate Experiences

Top 9 reasons workers enjoy team building events:

  1. Getting out of the office space and associating in a new environment
  2. Enjoying the experience of adventure, food, beverages and entertainment
  3. Using their problem solving skills
  4. Breaking down people barriers
  5. Learning new skills and experiences
  6. Being challenged and inspired
  7. Challenging and inspiring others
  8. They generally become happier
  9. Witness the wonders hidden within our beautiful continent

When a company buys Cloud9xp vouchers they are giving a little piece of Africa - helping the thousands of other business owners who are employing 10s of thousands of Africans in the Cloud9xp ecosystem. If we as small business owners procure from other local businesses we have a real shot at not just sustaining each other but helping others grow

- Tesh Mbaabu, Cloud9xp Co-founder & MD

Whether it's a small team building event or a company-wide day out, Cloud9xp can help plan your company's next outing.

Work Hard, Play Harder!

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