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WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF CLOUD9XP is the #1 online marketplace and booking service for leisure experiences across Africa.

We generate new demand for your experiences by offering them to our leisure seekers via our online marketplace and mobile app.

Through our Cloud9xp platforms, you are able to GROW your clientele and FOCUS on managing your business as you CONSIDER the Cloud9xp family part of your marketing team.

Our goal with Cloud9xp partnership is to get amazing local destinations on people’s fingertips—and do it more reliably than anyone else.

Tesh Mbaabu
Chief Xperience Officer


Once your experience is listed on the app, thousands of people will discover it. Cloud9xp website and consumer mobile app is designed to highlight experiences to the clients based on their location, destination or experience preferences.

Through Cloud9xp, you now have access to thousands of leisure seekers and their personal details once they book an experience with you.


You have complete control over the experiences you offer, and how much you charge for them. We’ll work with you to make them as discoverable and easy to book as possible.

This eventually leads to bookings, which translate to extra revenue to your business.


We handle the marketing of your experiences, bookings, and payments, so you can focus on managing your business and improving the services provided. Cloud9xp offers a Backend Platform and Partner Mobile App where you upload new experiences on our platform, receive bookings, and withdraw your earnings any time.

Your experience gets all the benefits of offering online booking, without all the expenses or headaches. In addition to this, Cloud9xp also offers an opportunity to add walk-in bookings for easier management of the bookings all on one platform.

Every experience is as important to us as it is to you.


Cloud9xp handles all of the payments—you never have to deal directly with money. Visitors get charged before they arrive.

  • Free Listing on Cloud9xp mobile application and website
  • Your Experience(s) exposed to the largest, most reliable experience booking service in Africa
  • Access to thousands of leisure seekers across your city, Africa and the world at large
  • A Partner App and Dashboard to manage your experiences, bookings and earnings
  • A Partner Handbook and Cloud9xp Partner Certificate(s) to display at your location(s)
  • Support from our team during setup, training on how it works, marketing and customer service, and will always be available by phone or on email. Consider our team, your team!


  1. Become a Cloud9xp Partner

    We sign you up and list your packages on our website for exposure to our community of leisure seekers

  2. Get Discovered

    Leisure Seekers visit Cloud9xp website or mobile app and browse through hundreds of xperiences. They find YOU!

  3. Accept Bookings and Payments

    Leisure seeker finds an Xperience that YOU offer and books & pays for it online through our website or mobile app. They receive a voucher through email/SMS/app which they present at YOUR location. You also get notified when they book.

  4. Settlement of funds

    After the client has had their Xperience at YOUR location, Cloud9xp settles the funds with a 15% deduction on original payment as a commission(finders fee) within 24 hours

What we DO

  • Bring you new markets and offer you new marketing channels.
  • Curate a range of quality, unique and exclusive experiences.
  • Accept automatic electronic and mobile money payments.
  • Sell at standard(what you normally charge) or discounted prices only.
  • Share real and verified customer reviews.
  • Have a support team dedicated to partners.

What we DO NOT do

  • Charge set up costs or ongoing fees.
  • Sell poor quality Xperiences.
  • Compete on your brand in search


There was a lot of hype when we first launched our facility and while we cultivated a loyal clientele, there were many people that did not know about the High Ropes and Ziplining we offer. Cloud9xp has allowed us to tap into this whole new market.

- Joy Thuo, Marketing Director, PEC Nature Camp

In between marketing my Vacation Packages and attending to guests who have booked, Cloud9xp has helped to reduce my management overheads with their gamechanging app.

- Bradley Mutugi, Managing Director, Evacay Africa


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