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Experience the thrill of freefall skydiving and canopy flight with an experienced instructor! 

Your skydiving experience starts with a short brief from one of our instructors before you are ready to take on the skies at 12,000 feet. After getting geared up, you board the airplane for a 15 minute scenic flight and can enjoy the beautiful view as you climb to altitude. While you approach the exit point, you will be securely attached to the front of your instructor, and then start moving towards the doorway of the plane. Wind is blasting and your heart will be pounding with excitement as you hang your feet outside the aircraft and look at the ground over 3,600 meters below.

Why you'll love this

You can expect an intense rush as you free fall towards the earth reaching terminal velocity at approximately 200km/h. This is 55 seconds of pure adrenaline – don’t forget to smile to the camera!

At about 5000 feet your main parachute is deployed, and you can catch your breath while enjoying a spectacular 5 minute canopy ride back to earth.
Nothing on earth can beat this experience, so stop thinking about it and book your skydive today!

Walk away from your skydive with more than just memories..

The Location
Absolutely amazing Drop Zone, right on the beach front, couldn't ask for a more beautiful location. Great set up, with more than everything you could need in one place. i.e. You can get cooked breakfast if you are starting early.

The staff
You will always walk away from this with a new set of friends in a sport that clearly has a great social side.

The course
It is 1-1 instruction through out, the course is tailored to not only hit all the Training Objectives but to really push you.

Fun jumps
 When the views are as good as Diani, you could jump all day long, shame that the tide restricts you!! Even whilst you are out on these jumps, the instructors would work on stuff with you going above and beyond.


It underpins everything that we are, every decision we make and everything that we do. Employing only the most experienced of instructors, using the worlds most advanced equipment available and flying an aircraft maintained to the highest of standards, we underpin our unrivalled approach to safety and impeccable safety record with absolute compliance with the worlds strictest of regulations.

The Gear

United Parachute Technologies (UPT) from the U.S are the undisputed global leader in the parachute manufacturing and development sector. By far the most expensive, extensively tested, widely used and with an unrivalled operational history in both the civilian and military parachuting arenas, our UPT Micro Sigma Tandem systems are absolutely state of the art. Each parachute system is thoroughly inspected every single day, and any maintenance or service requirements are completed by sending them to the incredibly advanced rigging facility at Skydive Dubai.


Ksh 36500


15 Minutes


  • For an additional $75 you can have your skydive filmed and professionally edited into a 5 minute video capturing your whole experience so you can relive this moment again and again.

Operation Hours

Everyday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Sky Diving in Diani
FROM KSH36,500


Coast, Kenya

HIghlightsExperience the thrill of freefall skydiving and canopy fligh..

HIghlightsExperience the thrill of freefall skydiving and canopy fligh..